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Global Young Greens​

The Global Young Greens (GYG) is an emerging global organisation supporting and consolidating the efforts of young people working towards social justice, ecological sustainability, grassroots democracy and peace. GYG is a joint project of over 90 youth organisations and many hundreds of individuals, including the Federation of Young European Greens, Asia Pacific Young Greens Network, Cooperation and Development Network Eastern Europe, Young Volunteers for the Environment and others

Young Greens and Rebels of Colombia

In Colombia’s recent local elections, the green seal marked key cities across the country, with the capital city of Bogotá electing the first woman mayor,

What Happened at COP25?

On behalf of Global Young Greens, our companion Stephanie Cabovianco from Argentina and Oversight Committee Member Gregorio Blanca from Venezuela were present to take part in

GYG introduction video

You are wondering what GYG is, what GYG is doing and how you could get involved? Watch this video to learn more!

Challenge Green

Challenge Green started as a positive consequence of the  Federation of Young European Green’s (FYEG) Summer Camp: Natural Commons, 2018 (Croatia lovin’ foreva!) As Challenge

Youth Flee while Venezuela Collapses

Venezuela is finding itself in very extreme circumstances. If it weren’t such a massive humanitarian disaster, it would be a very interesting experiment in economics.

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