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GYG Congress Report 2017

The programme for the congress is here!

Organisational Principles
The current Organisational Principles of the Global Young Greens are adopted during the congress in Nairobi in 2007 and amended during the congress in Berlin in 2010. If you wish to table amendments to the current Organisational Principles, please send your amendments to info@globalyounggreens.org before March 22nd 2017. Please mention the line number and whether you want to delete, replace or add something to that line.

Amendments to the organisational principles
All the amendments that have been tabled before March 22 are published here

All amendments that have been tabled during the congress before April 1, are published here

Temporary rules for the congress
Because there are some unclear points in our current Organizational Principles, the Steering Committee and prep-team have drafted an explanation and proposal for procedures for this congress. You can find them here.

Call for new Steering Committee
The Steering Committee is the second highest decision-making body of the Global Young Greens which is why it is important to have both experienced and active people involved. Its primary responsibility is to implement decisions of the Congress and to steer the network on behalf of its members. The next Steering Committee will be elected by during the congress. Please find the call here.

Steering Committee Candidates
Pragya Nautiyal (Asia-Pacific, female)
Zoe Lee (Asia-Pacific, female)
Janmejai Tiwari (Asia-Pacific, male)
Kumar Paudel (Asia-Pacific, male)

Sara Benyakhlef (Africa, female)
Samantha Anzemo (Africa, female)
Sarah Kezia (Africa, female)
Souleymane Ouedraogo
 (Africa, male)
Thompson Luzendi (Africa, male)

Cherie Wong (Americas, female)
Angelica Duenas (Americas, female)
Ian Soutar (Americas, male)
Stephanie Cabovianco (Americas, female)
Gloria Polanco (Americas, female)
Andrea Fridegotto (Americas, female)

Alice Hubbard (Europe, female)
Joseph Harmer
 (Europe, male)

Steering Committee report
During the congress, the Steering Committee will reflect back on the period between our last congress in Dakar in 2012 and this congress. Please read the report here.