GYG is dedicated to contribute to a more inclusive society for all genders and fight against the patriarchy systems. The liberation of all genders cannot wait any longer. We are looking for participants who are interested in gender issues and identify themselves with feminist values. In this working group, we will work on the awareness of patriarchial systems in various social contexts,  advocacy for feminism in politics and societies and the empowerment of women, inter- and transsexual genders and LGBTQ+ communities. We will talk about sexism, patriarchy as a system and oppression based on genders in all shapes and forms. Intersectionality, post-colonial context and cultural sensitivity are highly valued in our work too.

Since this working group is targeted at highly sensitive topics, all participants are responsible for respecting others’ experiences and feelings. We believe feminism is not only for marginalized genders, but we still attempt to create a safer space for women, intersexual people and transgenders. Therefore, ⅔ of the participants are reserved for these gender groups. We would have break-out room sessions sometimes for safe space purposes. An awareness team will be formed to keep this working group comfortable and respectful for marginalized people.

Interested? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Please note:

Global Young Greens is a volunteer led organization and this is a voluntary role.

Due to the nature of the tasks involved, we recommend that you have an appropriate level of English language skills for this working group.

There are no formal expectations of you, only that you contribute what you can and enjoy the experience of working with other young green activists from different parts of the world!

All participation will take place online.


Most frequent questions and answers

We are looking for Young Greens who have/are:

  • Interest in gender issues and identified with feminist values 
  • Dedication to respect others’ feelings and experiences especially regarding those of women, inter-/transexual people and LGBTQ+ communities
  • Interest in sharing experiences and knowledges regarding gender issues in their social contexts
  • Interest in working closely with Young Green organizations across the globe
  • Good organisational skills
  • Great Team Players
  • Decent English level which allows conversation for complicated topics


-raise awareness of sexist social structures in different cultural context among and outside the young Greens

-empower the marginalized gender groups within the young Greens through providing safer space and experience sharing

-develop the political and social agenda in terms of gender issues for GYG

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions!