Welcome to the delegate space for the GYG congress in Incheon, South Korea! Here, you can find all things congress-related from practical information to voting processes.



Statutory processes that will take place at GYG congress include:

  1. Amendments to the GYG Organisational Principles
  2. Election of the GYG Steering Committee members. 
  3. Election of the GYG Oversight Committee members. 
  4. Emergency amendments. 
  5. Any Other Business. 

Please find a comprehensive guide of statutory processes at the GYG congress here. This contains important information regarding key processes. 


Key deadlines are detailed below: 



Deadline for


February 2023

Member Organisations are requested to register their delegates.

5 Months before congress

Wednesday 10 May

Member Organisations are requested to confirm their delegates (if not confirmed already). 

4 weeks before congress

00:00 UTC, Wednesday 24 May

Eligible groups submit draft amendments via the online tool. 

Delegations can also express support for amendments already submitted. 

2 weeks before congress

00:00 UTC, Wednesday 24 May

Deadline to submit candidacies to GYG statutory bodies. 

2 weeks before congress

Friday 26 May

GYG Oversight Committee to send out all draft documents and candidacies to be voted on at congress. 

2 weeks before congress

12:00 (local Korean time), Wednesday 7 June

Emergency amendments to be submitted. 

Before noon on the opening day of congress.

00:00 UTC, 8 June

Deadline for Member Organisations to register to vote in GYG elections. 


9-11 June (local Korean time), Friday 9 June

GYG statutory sessions at congress (see programme)


11 June

Election results for GYG statutory bodies announced. 


30 June

Updated GYG Organisational Principles published.


Please consult  our amendments tool and accompanying statutory guide for all information concerning votes taking place at congress. 

  1. Election Candidates

    Applications are now OPEN. Please submit your candidacies via this form. Deadline: 00:00 UTC on 24 May.

  2. Amendments to the GYG Organisational Principles

    GYG Member Organisations are invited to submit amendments via our amendments tool before 00:00 UTC on 24 May


If you have any questions about the above information, please don’t hesitate to contact congress2023@globalyounggreens.org.