Econmy Working Group

The world we live in today prioritizes growth of the economy over human wellbeing, and preservation of nature. That is not a world set to last. We need an alternative economic model, the one that strikes a balance between human wellbeing and sustains nature, for there is no human wellbeing without nature.


At the Economy working group, we aim to envision how such an alternative economic model, a green economic model, would look like and present it at the upcoming GYG Congress 2022.
If you are passionate about making the green economic model a reality, we welcome you to join hands with us. Together we can build the world that we dream of.

terms of the economic organisation of our ideal society. Socialism, social-democracy, liberalism, social-liberalism, conservatism and even nationalism to some degree offer a vision of how resources should ideally be distributed and who should make those decisions. What is our vision, and how can we shape it to be congruent with our values and ideological beliefs?

Here are some suggestions for what questions could be discussed:

  • Should we strive for a structural change in the functioning of the economy such as transitioning to a non-growing economy, or should we focus on regulating the harmful externalities of global capitalism?
  • Should we pivot towards local markets, or embrace the global market?
  • Diving into the topic of economic democracy – should it be strived for and if so, how could it be implemented (this covers ideas such as a universal basic income, worker-owned businesses and anti-exploitation laws. If interest exists there is plenty to be discussed here.)

Since we are promoting the transition to a society that can coexist with nature and does not threaten life on earth, we should have a clear vision of what we´re offering – not just what we oppose. Let us shape that vision together.


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