Young Transnational Climate Coalition​

Making Marginalised Voices Heard

Who are we?

We are a transnational coalition of young climate leaders from the Global South, working to achieve climate justice and amplify young people’s voices. We are concerned by structural inequalities in the transnational climate movement, which silence young climate activists in the Global South, and those most affected by climate change. We want to claim a space for young people from the most affected places to participate with meaning, be active, visible, and listened to in the transnational climate movement. We are engaged in politics and activism and see the need to diversify representation at all levels as a necessary step to address inequalities in the climate movement and beyond. 


What we stand for

Climate justice

Climate change disproportionality impacts underprivileged and marginalised communities, particularly those in the Global South, who are bearing the burden of rich countries’ overconsumption of our planet’s resources. It is vital that action on climate change ensures guaranteed progress towards equality and human rights at the same time as building more sustainable futures. 

Tackling inequalities

We need to actively work to deconstruct power structures between the Global South and the Global North. These inequalities are a legacy of colonialism, founded on the exploitation of the environment, people, culture, and resources, under the pretext of ‘development’ and a so called ‘civilising mission’. The legacy of colonial regimes helps to explain why young people in the Global South remain marginalised in the transnational climate movement, and the barriers to participation that they face, such as lack of access to resources, repressive laws and dangerous political landscapes.

Making marginalised voices heard

The silencing of young voices from the most affected places poses a need to create a space for their voices to be heard and to participate with meaning. This involves creation content and organisation of events which are led entirely by or that forefront marginalised voices.

Young Transnational Climate Coalition​

The Young Transnational Climate Coalition (YTCC) is a new initiative and partner network to GYG, which aims to amplify marginalised voices in the transnational climate movement.


We would like to use the GYG network as a platform to amplify voices from the most affected places in the climate movement. This involves creating content and organising activities that forefront and are led by young Global South climate activists. 

Our activities plan for 2021 is currently being developed, but we would like to include articles, blogs, training, and workshops, amongst other activities. 

If you are a young person from the Global South and would like to be involved as a contributing voice, please do not hesitate to get in touch via! We hope to launch a blog site and Facebook page soon!