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This crisis transgresses borders and we as humanity have to face it together. COVID-19 has been a stark example of the issues we face as a species globally as well as the ways we can come out stronger together. The pandemic shows that nationalism is never a solution, but that international cooperation and solidarity are fundamental for the wellbeing of humanity. However, many governments have chosen not to cooperate, but to put their own and their economies’ interests first, with devastating effects for overwhelmed healthcare systems of the countries most affected and for the most vulnerable people.

The Global Young Greens stand in solidarity with all humans, particularly those who are disproportionately impacted and those on the frontlines of this struggle. We demand  inclusive politics that protect the most vulnerable, be they refugees trapped in refugee camps under unsanitary conditions, homeless who can’t protect themselves from infection, students who can’t return home, lower income groups or unemployed people, immunocompromised people, those suffering from chronic illnesses, people with disabilities, LGBTQIA+ people, people of colour, or frontline workers such as nurses, supermarket and pharmacy workers and first responders. For everyone across this planet, we are thinking of you and pushing to leave no one behind.

An often overlooked cause of the pandemic is the destruction of natural ecosystems: when habitats for wild animals shrink, the likelihood of transferring animal viruses to humans increases, as happened with the new coronavirus. This is another reason why we as the Green movement will continue to fight for the protection of ecosystems, which are fundamental to the survival of planet earth and those who live there.

The COVID-19 crisis clearly reminds us that the ways in which we live are unsustainable and self destructive. We need to do more for our planet, our communities and our vulnerable people and much less for the fossil fuel industry, aviation businesses and multinational corporations that exploit our natural resources and pollute our planet. The importance of civil society in facing the COVID-19 crisis, be it community volunteer groups or cheers and concerts from balconies, shows us the value of social, inclusive and compassionate politics. We are fighting this together, across borders and for social and environmental justice!

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