The founding conference in January 2007 in Nairobi was a brilliant experience for over 150 young people. This was where we met for the first time and laid down the principles, objectives, and statutes of GYG.

The GYG conference, held from January 16-20 2007, was attended by 156 people, with 133 voting participants, all under 35.  The numbers were approximately as follows:

Accommodation was at the MF Hostel, a leafy property on the outskirts of Nairobi. Tents were rented, and mattresses and blankets were bought. These were later donated to two local facilities in Nairobi, caring for orphans suffering from AIDS and terminal diseases. Video footage of these facilities is online, with the link appearing at the end of this report.

The conference was held in the nearby United States International University (USIU), a twenty minute walk away which participants did as a group at the beginning and end of each day.

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