After Liverpool 2017, the next GYG Congress will be held in Seoul 2022!

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The Global Young Greens (GYG) is an emerging global organisation supporting and consolidating the efforts of young people working towards social justice, ecological sustainability, grassroots democracy and peace. GYG is a joint project of over 90 youth organisations and many hundreds of individuals, including the Federation of Young European Greens, Asia Pacific Young Greens Network, Cooperation and Development Network Eastern Europe, Young Volunteers for the Environment and others

Global Young Greens statement on Jan 6. attacks

We, Young Greens around the world, are horrified at how a day of infamy has unfolded in the United States. We saw how the Capitol was invaded, its offices and chambers ransacked, and the safety of people working inside put under grave danger, all because one man can not accept his defeat in a democratic process. However, we are not surprised that such an attack on democracy would take place at the boiling point of mistrust, deceit, and hate. The gross denial of truth of an individual and its clique has caused one of few murderous transitions of power within a democratic country.

Call out for CPRWG

Are you a policy geek? Do you enjoy solving structural challenges? The SPWG is the place for you!

A Bitter Harvest

Despite the grand ambition of doubling farmer’s income latest by 2022, recent bills of the government of India are just revealing. These bills make us

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