The 2nd GYG Congress took place in 2010, in Berlin, Germany. The Congress report can be found here.

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  1. The objectives of GYG are to: [5] Empower young people within the framework of participatory democracy Create a space for young people to be active without being dominated by older generations Address inequalities between organizations and individuals Forge strong links between sectors and organizations Further the Green principles on planet Earth At the 2017 Congress in Liverpool, the Steering Committee was reduced in size to eight, with two representatives from each region. New Steering Committee members have been periodically elected since then. The current members of the Steering Committee are: [6] Fabiana Zanutti Argentina Janmejai Tiwari India Salome Gikonyo Kenya Liliane Pollmann Germany Ali Khademolhosseini Germany Jung Lin Taiwan Soulymane Ouedraogo Burkina Faso [7] Members of the SC elected in Dakar were until the congress in Liverpool : Alex Surace Australia , Amy Tyler Australia , Bart Dhondt Belgium Bernardo Estacio Venezuela , Forget Chinomona Zimbabwe , Jaime Andres Carrero Suarez Colombia , Julia Duppre Brasil , Michaela Prassl Austria , Nassima Guettal Algeria , Perlo Michel Senegal , Robyn Lewis Australia , Rose Wachuka Kenya , Sarah Benke Germany , Tanya Gutmanis Canada , Teo Abaishavili Georgia , Yangki Imade Suara Indonesia , Previous members of the SC elected in Berlin until the Congress in Dakar were: Adam Sommerfeld Canada , Alex Surace Australia , Ann Bulimu Kenya , Anna Kavalenka Belarus , Clarence Chollet Switzerland , Chung-Ming Wang Taiwan , Jesùs López Venezuela , Kalpana Ambepitiya Sri Lanka , Kelvin Kaunda Zambia , Lukas Beiglböck Austria , Mareike Rehl Germany , Masami Muramatsu Japan , Roberta Morena Santos Brazil , Roselin Monogla Benin , Sandra Guzman Mexico.

  2. She sees this personality trait, of being a strong woman, as very Kenyan. I think, though, after meeting Rose and doing this interview that the political system will either have to bend enough to support her and other Kenyan women keen on impacting and bringing change in Kenya or be broken. Rose went from joining the Kenyan Greens to participating as a delegate in the 2nd GYG Congress in Berlin 2010 to being on the Presidency for GYG Dakar 2012.

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