Structures and Procedures Working Group

It is a great pleasure to introduce our Structures and Procedures Working Group. The members and corresponding regions are as follows:

Africa – Sandy Kouame, Hussayn Toure and Lesley Tam

Asia – Laÿna Droz and Ahim Sigdel

Americas – Stephanie Cabovianco and Ian Soutar

Europe – Julius Rupprecht (Chair) and Alice Hubbard

The working group is responsible for investigating GYG Structures and Procedures, identifying problems and suggesting solutions. In particular, the Working Group will focus on key areas in need of reform, such as defining what GYG is what it does, strengthening regional coordination and reforming regional set-up, knowledge transfer and organising a more diverse range of events. The Working Group will work closely with the GYG Steering Committee, and together they will put together a report that will encompass all findings and suggested solutions.

Read the groups’ latest report here:

SPWG Report December 2017

GYG Organisational Principles (as adopted in Liverpool, 2017)

If you have any enquiries about this working group, please do not hesitate to email