You can learn more about the Asia-Pacific Young Greens Network by visiting their website

Afghanistan (candidate)

Afghanistan Young Greens – Jawanan Sabzi Afghanistan
Facebook page

Australia (candidate)

Australian Young Greens
Facebook page

India (candidate)

Indonesia (candidate)

International Association of Students in Agricultural and Related Sciences Local Committee Sebelas Maret University (IAAS LC-UNS)

Iraq (candidate)

Healthy Environment Organization – ريكخراوى زينكةى تةندرووست
Facebook page

Nepal (candidate)

Greenhood Nepal 
Facebook page

Nepal (candidate)

Brihat Kriyasil Punarnirman Tatha Nyaya Karya Sanjal-Nepal 

New Zealand (candidate)

Young Greens of Aotearoa New Zealand
Facebook page

Pakistan (candidate)

Fast Rural Development Program

Philippines (candidate)

United Social Welfare Advocates Group for Mindanao (USWAG)

Sri Lanka (candidate)

Niwarthana deshgunika weparyasa paryeshan ha addyapana madyastanaya