Working Groups

Working Groups (WGs) are people who have gathered:

  • To work on a project, such as a campaign, or an event. These WGs are usually not ongoing, but come together for a short period of time.
  • To discuss and address an issue, such as the spread of HIV/AIDS, or climate change, or women’s rights, etc. These WGs can lead to a statement being produced and presented to the Congress, which debates and decides whether GYG should officially endorse statements.
  • Because they are interested in one aspect of GYG, such as the fund raising, or communication with members, translating (Babel Pool) etc.

Working Groups are a great way to get involved in GYG and work with your counterparts from around the world. Every young Green activist is invited to join one, and their work is conducted mainly over the internet.

If you are interested in starting a new Working Group or have any question, please email with an explanation of your idea. Further information will then be provided.

Current Working Groups:

Coming soon:

  • Climate Working Group
  • Gender, Sexuality and Inclusion Working Group
  • Freedom of Movement Working Group

Any questions or comments? Do not hesitate to ask! Email