The Oversight Committee

The task of the GYG Oversight Committee (GYGOC) will be to hold the GYG Steering Committee accountable with the consideration of the Organisational Principles, overseeing and ensuring complaints are dealt with fairly, the running of GYG elections (as well as overseeing co-options), and amending of the Organisational Principles for documental clarity.

If you would like to make a complaint to the GYGOC, please email: and/or


Alice Hubbard

OC- Member

Former GYG Secretary (2017-2020), Alice Hubbard is originally from Manchester, UK. Alice is currently based in Florence, Italy, where she is a Policy Leader Fellow at the European University Institute (EUI). At the EUI, she is working on a project to amplify young Global South voices in transnational networks responding to climate change and social justice.

Alice has been involved in the international green climate movement for the last 5 years, via a number of roles, including: International Coordinator of the Green Party of England and Wales, Congress Committee member for GYG (Liverpool 2017), and convening and participating in Working Groups (including Global Greens COP26 Working Group, GYG Structures and Procedures Working Group, Capacity Building Working Group).

Alice loves working transnationally, and meeting and being inspired by young greens from different countries!


Sofía Durán Escobar​

OC- Member

Based in Concepción, Chile. Sociologist Sofia Duran is a young green with an active participation within the Chilean Green Party (PEV) since 2012, where she is currently serving the position of Vicepresident since 2018. She actively works in the creation of networks for the green climate movement as representative of her country in the FGPA as well as leading the Co-Presidency of the Young Greens of the Americas.

Sofia has been involved in the Political Formation for Women’s Program in Chile as well as in activities for ecofeminism, climate change, animal rights and public policies for the PEV, FGPA and the GYG.

Besides Sofia enjoys doing outdoor activities, biking and photography.