Join our Communication and public relations team!

Join our Comms team 2024!

Are you a Young Green who wants to get involved with GYG? Do you want to sharpen your skills in social media and public relation work for a youth initiative?

Show your interest now to work with Young Greens from around the world and grow GYG together through the Communications Team! This will include working on increasing GYG’s social reach and engagement, maintaining GYG’s social media presence, creating content for GYG communication channels, etc.


We are looking for young greens who have/are/are interested in learning:

  • Good knowledge of Canva or similar open source software
  • Passion for and experience in social media platforms such as Instagram, X, and Facebook, LinkedIn and Tiktok
  • Advanced English skills
  • Interest in a variety of social and political issues and creating infographics for different target groups
  • Experience/Ability of writing and editing texts in English
  • Experience with website design
  • Interest in long-term commitment (at least 6 months) and building a trusting relationship with other Young Greens all around the world
  • Good awareness regarding (but not limited to) sexism, homophobia, racism and ableism and dedication to not reproducing these oppressions while volunteering with GYG  

Global Young Greens is a volunteer-led organization and this is a voluntary role. Due to the nature of the tasks involved, the working language of this group is English.

There are no formal expectations of you, only that you contribute what you can and enjoy the experience of working with other Young Green activists from various parts of the world!

Most of the participation will take place online.

Please note that the following people are especially encouraged to apply:

  • People of marginalised genders (women, trans and non-binary people),
  • people with disabilities (let us know if you have any specific access needs!),
  • people of colour or from an ethnic minority,
  • LGBTIQA+ people,
  • people from the Global South.

The deadline for applications is 20. June 2024 at 23:59 Universal Time Coordinated (UTC).

The Global Young Greens (GYG) is an emerging global organization supporting and consolidating the efforts of young people working towards social justice, ecological sustainability, grassroots democracy and peace. GYG is a joint project of over 90 youth organizations and hundreds of individuals, including the Federation of Young European Greens, Asia Pacific Young Greens Network, Cooperation and Development Network Eastern Europe, Young Volunteers for the Environment and many others. You may read more about us here.


You may see previous work of the Global Young Greens on our website, and in our social media channels on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and X (Twitter).


If you have any questions about the application process, please contact:

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