CALL FOR NEW SC MEMBERS – Elections 2022

The Oversight Committee holding a by-election to fill vacancies that have arisen* on the Global Young Greens Steering Committee.

*The following Steering Committee members have resigned from their posts:

The following Steering Committee members will no longer be eligible to be on the Steering Committee due to age requirements stipulated in the Organisational Principles:
Activities Coordinator, Fabiana Zanutti (Argentinian Young Greens),
Regional Coordinator for Africa, Souleymane Ouedraogo (Burkina Faso Young Greens).

The vacancies are as follows:

**IMPORTANT: As per gender balancing rules, candidates for the Regional Coordinator position in Asia Pacific and Activities Coordinator position for the Americas must identify as a woman, as intersex and/or as trans, because the corresponding Steering Committee members in these regions identify as male.


As per the GYG Organisational Principles, the mandate time for Steering Committee members is 3 years. However, a new Steering Committee is elected at every GYG congress and the next congress is planned for 2023. Therefore, this mandate time is shortened to a little over one year.

All positions will officially start in March 2022, upon the concluding of the elections. The Oversight Committee will communicate the precise starting dates to successful candidates.


The Steering Committee is the second highest decision-making body of GYG, which is why it is important to have both experienced and active people involved. Its primary responsibility is to implement decisions of the Congress (highest decision making body) and to steer the network on behalf of its members. The Steering Committee is regionally and gender balanced, with 2 members from each region (Africa, America, Asia Pacific, Europe).

The Steering Committee autonomously decides upon its working structure. However, there are five kinds of positions defined by our Organisational Principles:


Role (voluntary): Member of Global Young Greens Steering Committee
Hours: Between 10-15 hours per week. Hours may vary in relation to work plan.
Skills and Experience (essential)
  • Experience of working in a young green organisation/working group/committee.
  • Good knowledge of the GYG network and corresponding regional networks.
  • Experience working in a diverse, multicultural environment.
  • Ability to work inclusively and collaboratively.
  • Being an effective representative and point of contact for GYG and key external contacts.
  • Being able to use tools to facilitate online organising, e.g. mailing lists, shared drives, video conferencing technology.
  • Excellent English language skills (speaking, writing, reading, listening).

Maximum age: 35 years.

You will need a computer and access to a stable internet connection for this role.

Skills and experience (desirable)
  • Experience working for an international organisation.
  • Experience in one or more of the following: event organisation, managing volunteers, campaigning, network development, fundraising, outreach and engagement.
  • Attendance at a previous GYG Congress.
  • Good knowledge of the French and/or Spanish language.
Committee responsibilities
  • Attend monthly meetings (online);
  • Take and implement decisions in relation to the overall strategy of GYG;
  • Plan and implement activities, events, campaigns;
  • Promote the work and activities of the GYG network in respective regions;
  • Active involvement in regional and local Young Green activities;
  • Writing annual progress reports and other relevant documents;
  • Regularly report to the Oversight Committee regarding committee business.
Volunteer benefits
The opportunity to volunteer with an internationally-recognised organisation and join a group of like-minded volunteers from all over the world who are actively working in the Young Green Political space.

After completion of these tasks, Global Young Greens can provide a written reference, referee for job applications and recommendation for your LinkedIn profile confirming your volunteer contribution on request.

In addition to the description laid out above, note that:

The Regional Coordinator includes (but is not limited to) the following responsibilities:

The Activities Coordinator includes (but is not limited to) the following responsibilities:


The Global Young Greens is a youth-led organisation supporting and uniting the efforts of young people from a green-alternative spectrum around the world. We work towards ecological sustainability, social justice, grassroots democracy and peace.

Our objectives are:

Our activities include finding opportunities for young people to get involved in our work, linking individuals and organizations with each other for various purposes as well as carrying on campaigns as GYG.


You should complete the Candidate Statement in English language and send it together with a CV and a nomination letter of your member organisation to by 23:59 UTC on 14th April 2022.

Your candidate statement should talk about your motivations for applying, as well as the experience you bring. It should also include a description of how you want to participate in developing GYG. We will publish full candidate statements online, prior to the elections.

Please read GYG’s Code of Conduct / Code de Conduite / Codigo de Conducta for elections before applying. For further details about the election guidelines please read our Organisational Principles. Please find detailed Online voting instructions in our comprehensive Online Voting Tutorial.


Please note, the Oversight Committee maintains the right to adjust the timeline. 

Call for candidates 24 February 2022 23:59 UTC, 14 April 2022
Call for voter registration 24 February 2022 23:59 UTC, 14 April 2022
Casting of online votes 15 March 2022 23:59 UTC, 30 April 2022
Oversight Committee processes Single Transferable Vote (STV) calculation 26 March 2022 2 May 2022
Successful candidates announced 3 May 2022

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact