What is the buddy system?

Through the buddy system we link delegates and organisations from the Global North with organisations and delegates from the Global South. On a one for one basis, organisations from the Global North try to raise funds to cover travel costs for delegates coming from Global South in their respective countries of origin.

Why do we need a buddy system?

As a transnational network we strive for inclusiveness and a truly global representation.With the Congress taking place in Europe this year, chances are high that only a limited number of non-Europeans will be able to attend unless we make a serious effort. We see it as the responsibility of ours and also our members to ensure that all organisations get a chance to be represented at the congress. Apart from that, the buddy system will enable us to put you in touch with interesting organisations from all over the world and start building friendships already before the congress.

I like the idea! How can I take part?

Great! First, get in touch with your own member organisation. Discuss which organisations you would like to support and where you can raise funds. Get in touch with Zuzana for further advice on who might be most in need and where to raise funds (zuzana@globalyounggreens.org). Once agreed on who you can support, we will put you in touch with the organisation of your choice. We leave the next steps up to you but are happy to accompany you throughout the process.