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The structure as well as the political environment of COP27 are far from ideal for a global climate summit. We are pointing out what’s wrong.

Choose your sponsors wisely!

It seems like a bad joke that a company responsible for 120 billion single-use plastic bottles a year and that is ranked as one of the world’s top plastic polluters is chosen as one of the big corporate sponsors for COP27. We don’t accept this attempt of Greenwashing Coca Cola!

Protect those that are most vulnerable!

Jerome Foster and Elijah Mckenzie-Jackson have reached out to the executive secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), regarding the “LGBTQ+ torture, woman slaughter and civil rights suppression”, at Egypt. We are recognising the restriction many members of the LGBTQ+ community face, both within the international community and those living in Egypt, in their ability to safely advocate at COP27.

With this, we urge the conference be hosted by a state within the AFRO region that aligns with the UNFCCC Code of Conduct, which states that: ‘Harassment in any form because of gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, physical ability, physical appearance, ethnicity, race, national origin, political affiliation, age, religion or any other reason is prohibited at UNFCCC events.’ As COP27 is still be hosted by Egypt, we call upon the COP27 president to ensure safe access for all without risk of persecution as a result of their sexual, or other, identity. 

There will not be climate justice without political freedom!

We won’t forget about the people that stood up to end an authoritarian system or simply wanted to speak out about the climate atrocities of the government and are now stuck in prison, some of them even facing torture. We support the call to #FreeAlaa and #FreeThemAll.

We also call on the Egyptian government to grant access to representatives from the civil society to the COP, even if they will speak about topics that might not be welcome. A climate summit without space for representatives from the civil society to address the issues in their home country won’t save its purpose.

Develop Human Rights Criteria As Precondition for Hosting COPs!

We support the call of Human Rights Watch to the UNFCCC secretariat to develop human rights criteria that countries hosting future COPs must commit to meeting as part of the host agreement. We are convinced that successful international summits can only happen in an open and honest environment where people are able to speak freely.

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