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We strongly condemn Russia’s ongoing actions against Ukraine. We call for an immediate truce on Ukrainian ground, as well as all Ukrainian borders. Putin must stop the Russian invasion and put an end to putting both Russian and Ukrainian civilians’ lives at risk!

As Global Young Greens, we stand together in unity in calling on all of our allies, our Green organisations, and members of all parliaments to demand immediate support for all people from Ukraine trying to flee the current situation.

We also demand strong and  effective sanctions be put in place against Russia, especially from the USA, UK, EU, and many others. The measures should include but not limited to economic sanctions, closure of airspace from Russian aircraft, urging international sports organisations to move sports events out of Russia, freezing and seizure of assets of top Russian officials and politicians in foreign land. We welcome the exclusion from SWIFT in this context.

We urge the democratic world to seriously take actions against the violence conducted by the authoritarian regimes and its threat to the peace we still enjoy in some parts of the world. We call for the democratic world to fight for democracy, freedom and peace even at the cost of economic consequences.

We call for disarmament, peace and reconciliation. Ukraine should not become a playing field for power ambitions. Its territorial integrity, security and sovereignty must be safeguarded. Security in Europe should be based on international law and agreements at the level of the UN, the OSCE and the Council of Europe.

The democratic governments must take the necessary measures now, so that all people seeking protection from Ukraine could be accepted as quickly as possible, and the support of internally displaced people in Ukraine could be secured through humanitarian support and intervention.

We encourage our local groups to support local protests by organising and attending them all over the world. Together, we #StandWithUkraine! #WeStandWithThePeople

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