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We strongly condemn all countries who have intervened in the war in Afghanistan for hastily withdrawing from the country without taking into consideration the lives of thirty-eight million Afghans. Afghans, who are now in grave danger of oppression and a complete violation of their fundamental rights as a result of the inhumane fundamentalist ideology of the Taliban. 

In particular, the United States has played a key role in this withdrawal. The Obama administration’s decision that the mission of the United States in Afghanistan is over, and it would be time to leave, its preparation by the Trump administration, and finalization by the Biden administration, is a splendid example of American foreign policy towards countries which are highly economically and militarily dependent on the support and intervention of the United States.

Plans of leaving Afghanistan were made without any regard towards the people of Afghanistan. Furthermore, the United States negotiated with the Taliban without having Afghan government representatives present in these discussions. This imperialistic mentality of the United States foreign policy has caused the people of Afghanistan severe problems in the past. Now, the Afghan people, who were barely rehabilitating from the structural damage and human casualties caused by the oppression and hostility of the Taliban of the previous decades, will once again have to face the crudity of fundamentalist Sharia law and the cruelty of the radical leaders and Mullahs of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.

The rudderless withdrawal from Afghanistan in the middle of a pandemic and with the acknowledgment that this withdrawal will once again lead to a Taliban uprising is exactly like setting a villain with a history of cruelty and murder free, knowing that their murderous intentions will cause pain and suffering, knowing it is not about if; but about when. The US, UK, and the general NATO strategy to leave was irresponsible and without any respect towards their values of liberty, democracy, and human rights.

They violated the dignity of life and handed over Afghanistan to the Taliban, they betrayed the people of Afghanistan whose help saved countless lives — both Afghan and non-Afghan.

The past 20 years of American presence in Afghanistan signifies a failure of Western foreign policy as we now know it and a destruction of any trust and confidence from allies around the world. Countries, whose sovereignty, inner security, and defence capabilities depend on the Western World must reflect whether they could ever count on the support of the Western world, especially the United States. What is clear, all strategies which depend on Western support should be reconsidered.

Now that the Western world has left the people of Afghanistan alone in their fate and misery, the least they could do is to accept responsibility and to accommodate refugees fleeing from tyranny for which the former are solely responsible. Sadly, the devastating situation created by the current inhumane and undignified migration policies of the US, the UK, and the EU sharpens the contradictions between their promises from decades ago and what has been attained now. Furthermore, we ask all governments to urgently stop all repatriations and deportations to Afghanistan, as this means a death sentence at the hands of the Taliban. We also renew our demands to halt all arms trades with autocrats and with countries using them against people in disaster areas, as they are fundamentally detrimental to everyone’s human rights around the world.

That is why we must uphold and support an independent foreign policy and not one dictated by one country or by a select group of countries — a foreign policy of human security and human rights where the lives and safety of all civilians are prioritized.

Yours sincerely,

Global Young Greens, Mr. Janmanjei Tiwari, Secretary;

Grüne Jugend/ Young Greens Germany; Anna Peters & Georg Kurz, Bundessprecher:innen Grüne Jugend;

Junge Grüne Schweiz / Jeunes Vert-e-s Suisse / Giovani Verdi Svizzera / Swiss Young Greens

Mr. Albert Barseghyan International secretary;

Juventud Verde/ Young Greens of Spain/ Miriam Sivianes, International Secretary/

DWARS, GroenLinkse Jongeren (Dutch Young Greens) Netherlands/ Srishagon Abraham/

Bahamad, Alliance of United Youth in Exile, Ms. Neda Dehghan Chair;

Ali Khademolhosseini Germany Human rights Activist

Jorge Preciado United States Civil activist

Marguerita Delgado Spain Climate activist

Emma Kohler Germany Climate activist

Moritz Fleischer Germany Civil activist

Denys Nykula Ukraine Climate activist

Renate Aspden United Kingdom Climate activist

Atlas Sarrafoglu Turkey Climate activist

Milan Harms Germany Civil activist

Mohammad Aghaei Iran Civil activist

Sina Stach Iran Civil activist

Peyman Tayefeh Iran Civil activist

Alichamani Germany Civil activist

Laura Marcheselli Italy Political activist

Leander Teßmer Germany Political activist

Laurie Priemen Belgium Political activist

Dorothee Ritter Germany Political activist

João Duccini Brazil Climate activist

Markus Schopp Germany Human rights Activist

Swati Surampally India Political activist

Ulrike Taukert Germany Political activist

Yvonne Marchewitz Germany Civil activist

Tanmayi Shinde India Climate activist

Jonathan Feijó Brazil Climate activist

Alessia Grandieri Italy Civil activist

Ali Ahmad Danesh Germany Political activist

Marie Berg Germany Civil activist

Lisa Wuitschick Germany Civil activist

Sophie Stellmann Germany Civil activist

Silsila Nory Germany Civil activist

Stefan Lindauer Germany Member of District council LGBT rights Activist

Julian Schlumberger Germany Political activist

Petra Porteous Germany Political activist

Katarzyna Niemier Poland Climate activist

Simon Kordubel Germany Political activist

Jonas Klein Germany Climate activist

Luise Funck Germany Climate activist

Svenja Borgschulte Germany Political activist

Aditya Goyal Japan Climate activist

Nils Rübelmann Germany Political activist

Athanasios Kokkotos Greece Democracy advocate

Paiman Herawi Germany Human rights Activist

Georgios Paschalidis Greece Climate activist

James Grinnell United States Political activist

Grace Yang United States Climate activist

Nathalie Schrader Germany Climate activist

Frank Granda United States Climate activist

Ghalia El Boustami Germany Democracy advocate

Heather Doyle Ireland Climate activist

Johan Wihlborg Sweden Climate activist

Jan Wihlborg Sweden Human rights Activist

Bahman Shokati Kurdistan Human rights Activist

Forest Resener United States Climate activist

Gabriel Santos Miranda Brazil Climate activist

Aliakbar Atayee Afghanistan Musician 

Danyal amuoei Afghanistan Political activist

Nader Assadzadeh Afghanistan Civil activist

Amir Keyany Iran Political activist

Matin Khavari Afghanistan Civil activist

Zahra hakimzadeh Germany

Zartusht Afghanistan Civil activist

Masouma Afghanistan Human rights Activist

Leonore Merth Germany Human rights Activist

Daniel Holanda Brazil LGBT rights Activist

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