Communications and Public relations Working Group

Are you a policy geek? Do you enjoy solving structural challenges? The SPWG is the place for you!

Apply now to work with young greens from around the world and to help make GYG’s structures more comprehensible and sustainable! This will include working on significant redraft of sections of the GYG Organisational Principles.


Most frequent questions and answers

 CRPWG stands Communication and Public Relations Working Group

These are objectives of the CPRWG:


  • Increasing GYG social reach and engagement
  • Maintaining GYG social media presence
  • Creating the content for GYG monthly newsletters
  • Authoring articles for GYG website
  • Creating creative media
  • Planning GYG social media campaign

We are looking for Young Greens who have

  • Good knowledge of Adobe Photoshop or similar softwares, 
  • Good knowledge of Adobe Illustration or similar softwares,
  • Very Good knowledge of Premiere Pro/ DavinCi Resolve/ Cut Pro,Advanced English skills
  • Knowledge of how to work with different social media platforms.

You can apply by filling out the Form.

Please note:

Global Young Greens is a volunteer led organization and this is a voluntary role.

Due to the nature of the tasks involved, we recommend that you have an appropriate level of English language skills for this working group.

There are no formal expectations of you, only that you contribute what you can and enjoy the experience of working with other young green activists from different parts of the world!

All participation will take place online.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions!