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Challenge Green started as a positive consequence of the  Federation of Young European Green’s (FYEG) Summer Camp: Natural Commons, 2018 (Croatia lovin’ foreva!)

As Challenge Green, our goal is to help Facebook users to come together and share tips, tricks and life-hacks on how to make the everyday more green and environmentally friendly.

Challenge Green have focused on a wide spectrum of topics, wth each month having a different focus; from single use plastics, to energy saving, reducing meat consumption and general environmental awareness.

Challenge Green is ran by a group of Young Greens from across Europe who dedicated their time and effort to create a series of posts that focused on the topics. Providing pictures, posts, memes and videos that inform followers about the challenge of the month and what followers can do in their own time to make their way of life more environmentally friendly.

First when the idea was initiated during the summer camp, Challenge Green wanted to focus mostly in environmental action rather than civic engagement. However, Challenge Green has effectively proven a combination of both of these being executed through social media.

Regarding the participation of the followers of Challenge Green, there are many ways how the individuals can approach it. Each Challenge lasts for around one calendar month. This can be difficult for somebody to stay loyal to the agenda, or use every piece of information, tip or hack shared. So followers are welcome to join each challenge whenever they feel like it, or dip in and out if that works for them! Even if followers only pick up 1 or 2 ideas, it’s still a success for Challenge Green! E.g. During the September challenge of reducing single use plastic followers could begin with simple tasks in their surroundings/homes finding ways of how they can use less plastic while they commit the same daily routine they always have, including refusing plastic straws or bags, investing in a reusable cup or taking a pack lunch, therefore avoiding throw away lunch containers.

The vision of Challenge Green for the future is to initially gain followers then to expand into a community, sharing eco- living ideas for a sustainable green life. We want to touch more topics and show that challenges are successful! Furthermore we want people who join to be aware that their actions have a direct effect on our environment. It is never too late to join a cause. And we promise this is an easy, user friendly and effective cause that is well on the way to changing the world. Don’t forget! Go and like us on facebook; Challenge Green.


Written by Altrim Mamulti & Emily West on behalf of the Challenge Green team.

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