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Call for Applications: Represent the Global Young Greens at the 100% Renewable Energy Road To Marrakech Climate Action Caravan

Deadline: 10/09/2016
Location: Senegal, Mauretanie, Morocco
Type: fully funded (accomodation, visa, health, feeding, security) except for flights to Dakar and from Marrakesh
Date: 21/10/2016 until 2/11/2016

The CLIMATE CARAVAN wants to point the world’s attention to one of the most important topics that we have to deal with: climate. A changing climate means facing problems and not only in future, but already nowadays. The Caravan will pass 11 different cities (Dakar, St. Louis, Podor, Rosso-Mauritania, Nouakchott, Nouadhibou, Dakhla, Laayoune, Ouarzazate, Agadir and Marrakech) in the countries of Senegal, Mauretanie and Morocco by its ten days walk.

These countries already have been facing many problems caused by climate and only little attention has been payed to this fact. This will be changed by the Climate Caravan: the main goals of the Caravan are to exchange knowledge, to mobilize people, to point attention to the vulnerabilities of the countries the caravan will pass through and to find solutions to the problems we have to face.
The Caravan will make this possible by offering workshops, activities and a platform for activists to exchange their knowledge and experience.

The stop in Ouarzazate will be a special one as it is where NOOR, the world’s largest solar station is based.

The Caravan will end in Marrakesh the 2nd of November, where the COY12 (conference of youth) will be hold shortly after.

Representing the Global Young Greens, you will:
a) Try to facilitate Workshops that you will prepare with the Global Young Greens Steering Committee
b) Monitor tree planting
c) Share your experience through our different social media channels and report from your trip
d) Share values and ideas of GYG in a team during the congress (this you will discuss with the Steering Committee in advance)

How to apply:
Please send your CV as well as an letter of motivation in which you state your motivation to represent GYG during the Climate Caravan and how you have been involved with Green politics in the past. Please add an additional letter with a draft for a workshop that you could imagine to facilitate or organize.

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