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The Federation of Young European Greens held its annual General Assembly (GA) last week, from the 26th to the 30th of May, in Prague, the Czech Republic. Around 100 representatives of FYEG’s Member Organisations and other Green activists gathered to debate the political situation in Europe and make plans for the upcoming year. The GA adopted policy papers on basic income, climate justice, refugees, and democratic developments in Central and Eastern Europe.

The GA elected an Executive Committee (EC) for 2016-17. Teo Comet (Finland) and Marie Pochon (France) were elected as Co-Spokespersons of the Federation. The other members of the EC are Adrià Belenguer (Catalonia/Spain), Paula Espinosa (Spain), Anastasiya Kastsiushkina (Belarus), Maria Kola (Cyprus), Jean-Michel Muhire (Belgium) and Fabian Wagner (Germany). Artur Wieczorek (Poland) was elected Secretary General. The Executive Committee, the Secretary General and the FYEG staff will implement an ambitious and thrilling Activity Plan adopted by the GA. FYEG will during the upcoming year focus its political work and activities on three priorities – climate, migration, and the future of Europe. FYEG also welcomes a new Member Organisation, MODOM from Macedonia.

A Spring Conference was held in connection with the GA. Prominent activists, academics, journalists and politicians discussed and debated the state of democracy in Central and Eastern Europe together with the delegates and local citizens.

The Czech Young Greens, Mladí zelení, hosted and organised the GA, the Spring Conference, a street action and in general made it clear for everyone involved what a totally awesome organisation they are.

FYEG will continue building a Green Europe on a solid basis set up by the outgoing Executive Committee and Secretary General. The new team looks forward to another amazing year with FYEG’s Member Organisations and their activists all over Europe. The struggles ahead are big and FYEG is ready to take them on.

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