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Last weekend, the Global Greens had their Coordination Meeting in Brussels. In this three-day event, they discussed the roadmap for the next years. Jeroni Vergeer, Steering Committee Member in the Global Young Greens, attended this meeting to represent the GYG.

It’s always very special to meet Greens from so many different regions of the world. The Global Greens have, just as GYG, four different federations that are all represented in their coordination body. They come from small and big Green parties, from parties that exist for many years and parties that are brand new and ready to start growing. There’s a whole lot to learn from each other, and the Global Greens offer the space to do so.

The Global Greens are struggling with very similar issues as GYG, such as language barriers, time zone differences and a lack of sufficient funders. But we are all flexible enough to work together, and find creative ways for fundraising! It’s so important to connect local Greens on a global level, to support each other and let the Green movement grow.

GYG hopes that the Global Greens and GYG keep cooperating together for a Greener world. In the upcoming period, GYG is working hard on their membership strategy, better communication with all regions and hopefully the next congress. We can use all the support there is!

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