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The European Green Party Council took place in Istanbul from November 7th to 9th 2014. It has been the occasion for our Steering Committee Members Jeroni and Antoine to meet the Executive Committee of our European Federation FYEG, Global Greens representatives and members of the Young Greens of Turkey, Genç Yeşiller.

The European Green Party, the Federations of all Green Parties in Europe, gathered in Istanbul for its 21st Council Meeting in Istanbul. The Coucil took place just next to the famous Gezi Park. In 2013, as a response to a project to destroy one of the last park in the center of Istanbul, Green Activists demonstrated and occupied Gezi Park. Following the repression of this movement, millions of Turkish citizens mobilised against Erdogan (former Prime Minister and current President of Turkey) regime and for real democracy.

SC Members Jeroni and Antoine with Global Greens Representatives

The program was made of conferences about Energy Transition, the political situation in Turkey, the role of Turkey in Europe, the situation in Ukraine and in the wider ‘middle East’. One of the workshops was also a Global Greens Network Meeting during which have been discussed the near future of the Global Greens family.

It has also been the occasion to meet with the Executive Committee of the Federation of Young European Greens, FYEG, with which we’ve talked common GYG and FYEG projects, funding opportunities

We finally met members of the Young Greens of Turkey Genç Yeşiller and have talked about the project of the GYG Steering Committee to hold next GYG Congress in July 2015 in Istanbul.



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