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Just wandering in the coffee shop and contemplating the word ‘American exceptionalism’. It’s always a pertinent matter to know the versions of Putin’s op-ed on New York Times where he undermines some of America’s vigor. Realism is more than exceptionalism. Anyway, Humanism should not be crushed in the mighty attitudes. The world after World War II is the accord between US and Russian power blocs which ethically combines UK and France on one side and the Russian roar on the other side in the form of the UN.

Is war inevitable? Driving with the Marxist theory, conflict is inevitable and occurs in the course of history even in the civilized world. It is rhetoric of Putin’s – the macho man of the Russian bloc and head to head pugilist against the US centric World-former KGB chief who eventually got an idea for a great breakthrough for Syria. But, Putin’s op-ed truly blindsided the American superiority there when he had mentioned the existence of two power blocs and the deadly consequences of by-passing Russia factors…

Inside the US, Democrats and Republicans argue over Syrian issues regarding flooding the area or going to Geneva for a comprehensive peace accord.  But, is there any crucial factor which determines the sincerity of Russian proposal, under which Syrian Chemical weapons will be internationally monitored?   Obama and Putin seem to have a yearning for their own suave interest since from Northern Ireland retreat to St. Petersburg gathering in Russia on Syrian war.  Iran whose internal policy is likely to have been truly adjusted in pro-western jar led by Hassan Rowani; comparatively moderate cleric in Iran maintaining some sorts of leverage in Damascus and Moscow and outraging Washington D.C in stimulating her interest in the Middle East.

This -week in New York at the UN General Assembly, Rowani trying to re-establish the blur image of Iran, which had gone so badly under Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s reign, what he called eight years of holocaust. And ready to deal with the US within three months on nuclear issue. This is one of the pivotal achievements for the US and for possibly reverse influence of Iran on Syrian issues.

Putin repeatedly challenged US superiority even belonging to the country with outmost resources and less economic growth.  And, truly locating in such great strategic location fuelling whole Europe with gases and have hold in Brussels politics too, Russia can’t be politically sidelined.  US’s closest allies UK and EU-both are supplied with huge amount of energy from Siberia-if any course dent Kremlin it is unspoken that would be one great juncture for initiating a new cold war.

An outmost political blizzard happened this weekend which took the new forms of strategic war through Putin’s op-ed with several attack on his article by US senators.  But, it really had been still unclear about Putin’s op-ed printed in the New York Times. Isn’t there any Print Media in Russia? Or had it been the clear message of negotiations or the sturdy presence of Russian blocs in the world to Washington?

Sectarian leverage, null optimism for safe landing of the conflict and chemical weapons are playing decisive factors in making the future too dark for Syria. Rebels and Government fighters-initially fuelled by their closest partner to escalate the war- finally war becomes distinctive as Shitte-Sunni rooted violence-Who is going to take accountability for this circumstances?

A country with no more than 400 years of history developed itself as the ‘Center of Universe’ with excellent one fourth of the economic share and strongest social integrity. America is known for the techno savvy military unit and a hub for innovation.  This had led to America being Exceptional within rest of the World.  But, the reality counts more than that. The ‘O ‘factor with Obama- Openness, Democratization and Liberality toward the Muslim world where he had balanced and limited actions- making the US laissez-faire strategy ushering in the world. But, to get American boots on the ground again is now likely to be a repetition of the Afghanistan nightmare. It should be stopped. This Russian-designed breakthrough for Syria will ultimately demand the US’s commitment. And, the US leadership should be ready to develop any possible favorable environment to avoid any consequences of war in Syria.

Anyway, whoever describes in whatever way. Supporters of democracy need to go to Syria and visit the smashed places where tens of thousands of people are fleeing into the neighboring countries. Bloodshed, dead bodies and with a growing number of orphans, people in Syria cannot be ignored.  Well, with honey of words of politicians and concerned players likely have to be ignoring the alarm bell which is ringing in Syria and scattering in the Middle East.

It’s Time to think and act!


Article by Saurav Raj Pant

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