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Dear Members,

After several months of disappointment about inactive Steering Committee (SC) members that led to demotivation, frustration and intense discussions about a proper replacement procedure we, the active SC members, came up with a strategy to solve this issue and feel it is time to share this with our network.

The first step we took was to ask all SC members to confirm that they wanted to stay within the SC and gave a deadline for the end of May to send that confirmation. Until now, 31st of July, we received confirmations from 9 out of 15 SC members listed below.

After that, we communicated our intention to inform the network of their inactivity and to begin a process of replacing them as per the GYG Statutes, which states the following:

4.3 “If a member of the Steering Committee needs to be replaced before the next Congress, the regional federation of the region the person who dropped out is originated in will appoint a replacement. If a member of the Steering Committee is clearly inactive or in any other way disabled to work, the other members of the Steering Committee can in consensus ask the specific regional federation to replace the inactive member in due time.”

As such we would like to encourage the Regions to develop a process to replace inactive members. As a result of the process carried out by the Steering committee there are 2 vacancies in Africa, Asia-Pacific and Americas and 1 vacancy in Europe.

We understand that regions may want to collaborate with the Steering Committee in developing a process and we are open to assist. You can reach as at for assistance.

Yours sincerely,

Forget Chinomona
Rose Wachuka

Bernardo Estacio Abreu
Tanya Gutmanis

Robyn Lewis
Alex Surace

Teo Abaishvili
Sarah Benke
Michaela Prassl

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