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From my point of view, it means to have a consciousness, a true awareness, a progressive outlook and forbearance.

In concrete terms, this means that Green people oftentimes prefer to travel by train, to reduce CO2 emissions, which in turn protects the o-zone layer. They try to eat natural or biological food and have a knowledge about veganism. Greens are usually social people and for us it is more important to have social interactions than to focus on egoism. We also want equality and social justice in the whole world. We do not look away from current problems – we focus on them and try to find the best solutions, which are compatible to every species on earth. We want to take care and protect our planet as it is very important to us to live in a conducive atmosphere. We  look for solutions. We struggle for humanity even though we don’t use weapons but our voices, our presence through banners and campaigns.
Sometimes it might be difficult for others to understand the green ideology, but we are open minded people and always strive to have enriching discussions, to embrace differences and encourage diversity. Discussions are the most important factor in democracy, as it is the process, used to encompass and respect every persons views. We, Greens want to develop and advance democracy, because we realized that the successes of the past don’t guarantee its future. We believe that we should stand for democracy every moment of our lives. Citizens shouldn’t believe and be complacent in everything they are told, rather, they should participate, be part of their countries’ governance, politically or otherwise. People should think critically and believe in their single power and its impact on earth.

— Jennifer Werthwein from the German Young Greens (Grüne Jugend Deutschland)

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