Experts’ Meeting on African Climate Change Strategy

In view of the fact that Climate Change continues to be one of the most important global issues confronting humankind, the African Union Commission (AUC) cannot afford to relegate it to the back-burner. With the support of the United Nations Economic Commission on Africa (UNECA), the African Union Commission (AUC) gathered experts and partners in Johannesburg, South Africa for a five day workshop to among things:

  • Provide opportunities for the Member State experts and other stakeholders to review the work already accomplished
  • Provide further inputs for the consolidation of the Commission’s work on Climate Change

The workshop had experts from African countries in attendance. In addition, they invited youth experts from the Global Young Greens to be part of the deliberative forum. Enoch, Raymond Nyayiti from the Nigerian Young Greens had the opportunity to be part of this meeting. It provided an opportunity for valuable interactions and illumination of the youth voices on this topic. The views by the youth, brought forth by Enoch were included into the draft document that would be presented to the African Ministers Conference on the Environment (AMCEN) and the African Head of States and Government in October, 2013.

This policy driven workshop provided a forum for the critical analysis of issues notably climate change, the sea rise in Africa, climate change adaptation, mitigation, gender and climate change, youth and climate change, agriculture, food security and meteorological issues. The benefit of the workshop is that it afforded the African Union Commission a chance to learn about Young Greens movement in Africa and how the network can serve to compliment the activities of the AUC as far as the youth are concerned

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