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Call for articles, quotes, pictures, videos, statements and blog links

Dear Green Activists,

The Global Young Greens Congress held in Dakar in March 2012 was instrumental to our global network because we discussed among other things what it means to be Green. We would like to hear what you think it means to be Green over the next few months. We will upload your statements, short articles, pictures, blog links and other creative media around this theme every so often. Thereafter, we will roll out a compendium with all your contributions to serve as a guide to future green activists. I think being Green is a way of life; the very being of our existence.

What do you think? Make it exciting! Share it with as many people as possible.

Simple rules

10-50 words for quotes
50-150 words for statements
100-400 words for articles
2-5 minutes for Videos
Blog links-Name, country and organization

Send your entries to 

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