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Press Release on the World Environment Day

Climate has become an issue in people’s lives all over the world. The reality of climate change cannot be denied by politics or other emerging issues of global significance.

However, it becomes a very complex field. The paradox that some states try to reduce their emissions while others keep on increasing their pollution, raises serious concerns about our planet. The important thing to realize however, is that we must all take responsibility to reduce the devastating impact of our self-induced implications of climate change.

We appreciate that the UNEP has chosen the theme “Think, Eat, Save” as the focus of this year’s World Environment Day as it refers to the underlying meaning of the importance of protecting our planet. We must all take responsibility because in the end, we are all affected by how we are dealing with our environment. The solution to the climate catastrophy that humankind has caused lies in our own understanding of the consequences of human actions, as well as in our willingness to change our value system.

This can only happen if we start focusing on ourselves and are willing to honour what our planet is serving us with. By doing so, our imperative should be to create a new global focus on environmental protection.

Inspired by the zeal to protect our planet, the Global Young Greens are celebrating this year’s World Environment Day by recollecting what saving our environment actually means to us.

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