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The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step as it is often said. The 5th African University on Youth Development and the 9th Africa-Europe Training Course for Youth Organisations which was held in Mindelo-Cape Verde, from the 1st May 2013 to 11th May 2013, hosted by the North–South Centre for the Council of Europe and other partners, was the step which most organizations from the North (Europe) and the South (Africa), came together with the hope of understanding principles on advocacy, pertinent issues affecting and involving the youth, Millennium Development Goals and the Post 2015 Development Agenda.

The training course started on May 6th 2013, with introductions from the different participants from the different organizations ranging from political party organizations, Non Governmental organizations, National Youth Councils and civil societies from Europe and Africa. The team was asked prior to carry newspapers and articles from the different areas we came from, (North- South) which was later used in describing what we thought of the North (Europe) and the South (Africa). The exercise equipped the participants with the concept of inter-culturalism with the basic understanding of the Millennium Development Goals, we engaged in relevant discussions about the Post-2015 MDG’s and issues that affected the youth, drawing the gaps that we thought were not addressed and possible solutions to the problems discussed. This included unemployment as a key point and cooperation around the world

The world Café was an honor as we met the President of Cape Verde who graced the occasion with his humor by addressing the different questions that the participants had for him as a leader of the great nation. He insisted that for any country to prosper INTERCULTURALISM was an important aspect to embrace as it brought about SYNERGY, COOPERATION and above all PEACE.

Finally, it was our time to decide on what role to play with the networks at our exposure through the Open Space after the training course.I hosted the Youth Political Cooperation- [Hosted by Judith Mulwa (the GYG representative to the training course) and Sandra GrindGrads]. The project aims at involving youth in politics through seminars, summits, training courses, roundtables and online discussions through which we aim at identifying similar and different political systems/structures and how best political practices can be a major tool of engagement in decision making and resolutions in the different countries

This is with the objective to:
 To strengthen youth in politics
 Bridge the gap between CSO’s and the political systems
 Influence decision making bodies- Advocacy
 Identify similar political system structures and challenges, purpose on different and similar political youth organizations
 Create political friendships

The Youth political Cooperation is an outstanding opportunity for the Global young Greens and the young greens all over the world to champion for the Green principles and elaborate how politics affects the developmental aspects of countries and support Advocacy processes. Being a member of the Kenya Young Greens and the Global Young Greens and the main Focal point of the intended summit I therefore request for assistance in terms of Ideas, finances and human resource support or any form of support that will enable all political parties to come together despite their ideological disparities to start up a front that will push for relevant agendas towards the development of citizens.

Contact me through:
Skype: Judith.mulwa
Phone Number: +254720959040

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