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After nearly one year since the 3rd GYG Congress in Dakar, the members of the Steering Committee want to inform you about their activities. You can check out their personal reports here.

Alex Surace

A lot has been happening since the Dakar Congress. As a member of the preparation team and incoming SC member I have been involved in drafting the Congress Report (to be released shortly) and various press releases, the GYG Global Action Day for the Eradication of Poverty and also as a delegate of GYG to external youth led organisations and regional youth platforms through ICMYO. I was also fortunate to represent GYG at the Global Youth Forum in Bali and have been engaged in the post-2015 development agenda more broadly. In the Asia-Pacific region I have been helping young greens who wish to further develop our regional presence, it is challenging and important work and I am hoping we will have more to announce in the coming months.

Michaela Prassl

Since our congress in Dakar almost a year has passed. Some of the months have been busier than others within the steering committee of the Global Young Greens. Right after the congress I started to realize how big the responsibility I have take by accepting my position within the SC was. The first few months we were busy with transferring knowledge and updating the homepage. Afterwards a working group for our Global Action Day (Eradication of Poverty) was put together where I played an active role and are proud to announce that we managed to have grand success with the actions all over the world. Additionally, we were working on getting some documents translated into different languages which is still a mission to be accomplished. As you might have seen, we have a web team now which helps us with the homepage etc. Networking and promoting the Global Young Greens is still and will be in the future a major goal for me. I am looking forward to an even more productive year of work with the Global Young Greens in 2013.


Robyn Lewis

Since Dakar I have been working on the reformation of the membership process – which much to our collective relief is almost completed! I have also been taking steps to further the international connections within the Asia-Pacific region, something that is still very much a work in progress. Along with this I have worked collaboratively with many members of GYG to put together a global action for the Global Day for the Eradication of Poverty, which has been one of our best projects since the congress. I am very excited for 2013 and hope that by the end of the year GYG will have a rapidly growing, motivated member base!


Rose Wachuka

I am the GYG liaison person to the African region and part of the Membership team. My key role is to ensure that the mandate of the SC regarding membership is fulfilled. I have played support roles in various other areas such as the compilation of the GYG reader on the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty which was headed by Sarah Benke. I have also been engaged in the drafting of several GYG statements and press releases, liaising with the web team to develop GYG’s online visibility and functioning, and convening GYG meetings. I will continue giving my unfettered commitment to GYG.


Sarah Benke

As coordinator of the preparation team for the Dakar Congress I could already gain valuable experiences that have been quite advantageous for my current work as SC member. In the past year, I have been mainly working in the field of public relations and trying to strengthen the communication within the SC as well as with our member organizations. So I drafted various press releases and statements, brought up and realized the idea of publishing a monthly newsletter and also cared about our website and social media contents. I particularly liked to initiate and coordinate the GYG Ad-hoc Working Group on Poverty and I am still very happy about the outcome of our campaign for the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty. In the European region I have been promoting GYG and trying to encourage people for the global idea.


Tanya Gutmanis

Since the GYG Congress in Dakar, I have been collaborating with various SC members to reform the GYG membership, which is close to being completed. I have also taken action to strengthen the relationship between SC and GYG members in the Americas region, planning for a conference in the near future to promote and encourage future cooperation. I have also been selected to attend and to represent GYG at the FYEG Wintercamp in Helsinki, Finland. 2013 is the start of a new year, and I see many great things for the progress and productivity of Global Young Greens.

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