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Poverty is a violation of Human Rights.

Together let’s add our voices and contribute to the eradication of poverty!

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What is happening to poverty?



Every year on October 17 the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty is celebrated throughout the world. This year, we want to contribute to this event by realizing a GYG Global Action Day on Eradication of Poverty.

The Global Young Greens Network steered by the vision of a poverty free society intends to hold various actions across the world to mark this day. These actions will revolve around four key themes that have been identified to be closely related to poverty and the alleviation of poverty: Climate ChangeEconomyEducation and Gender are the four themes we highlight through the actions this year.

Aided by the GYG Global Action Reader and other material, young people from all around the world will create a vivid illustration of the contributors to poverty through illustrations, street actions, press releases, social interaction, art and dialogue sessions to create awareness and bring people to the realities of poverty and the possibility of its alleviation.



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