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Condolence to the family and friends of Volodymyr Goncharenko

Date: August 13th

The Global Young Greens would like to express our sympathy to the family and friends of Volodymyr Goncharenko, the Ukrainian Green activist brutally murdered on the 1st of August. Young Greens in our organisation have previously worked with Mr. Goncharenko, and are both dismayed and horrified at the senseless violence inflicted upon him, a man who spent his life striving for environmental sustainability.

He was the leader of the ‘For the Rights of Citizens to Environmental Safety’, and had recently given a press conference detailing the mismanagement of toxic waste within the city of Kryyvl Rih.

57 years of age, Volodymyr Goncharenko had been collaborating with the Ukrainian Greens for over 15 years, working tirelessly to improve the environmental conditions within the country. He will be greatly missed, and The Global Young Greens’ condolences are with both those who knew him personally, and the Ukrainian Green community.

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