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Press Release on the occasion of the World Refugee Day

Worldwide there are more than 40 million refugees, half of them children. The reasons for leaving their homes are diverse and range from war, expulsion, famine, climate change as well as political and religious persecution. Although there are at least four to five million people are seeking refuge within Africa; only 830,000 refugees from African countries migrate to Europe where they are referred to as “illegal immigrants”.

This World Refugee Day Young Greens from all over the world want to call to mind the dangerous risks and cruel treatment confronting refugees from Africa on their journey to seek aslyum in Europe.

Sarah Benke, Steering Committe member of GYG, declares: “Every year 100,000 to 120,000 refugees from Africa cross over the Mediterranean Sea in order to reach the European mainland. Last year alone, around 1,500 refugees drowned in this dangerous body of water. Considering how dangerous this trip to safety can be, it is increadibly disheartening to read report after report stating that European agencies have denied assistance to vessels’ emergency calls. This is an incredible act of cruelty that can not be interpreted in any other way. Europe must not abdicate its responsibility to fully uphold and implement the Universal Declaration of Human Rights!”

Terry Reintke, spokesperson of FYEG, adds: “Europe was built on the idea of free movement of people and the will to help those in danger, especially after the experiences of many European refugees during the Second World War. The European Union needs to reaffirm these commitments by changing their path in regards to refugee policies by; reintroduce the basic right for asylum, abolish Frontex and renounce the Dublin-II-agreement, which gives the responsibility of the asylum procedure to the country of first entry and results in disastrous situations in refugee camps in Greece, Spain, Italy or Malta.”

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Sarah Benke
Steering Committee
Global Young Greens

picture: DaveWilsonPhotography / license: creative commons

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