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Dear Young Greens,

GYG recommends you to have a look at this Campaign Handbook. Have a look what´s about!

The campaign handbook is an online guide to successful political campaigning. Its authors are mainly Green Party campaigners and activists from a range of countries across Europe, each with a different background, all with valuable experience to share.

The Green European Foundation’s handbook is a work in progress: your contributions, comments and ideas will help to develop this site further. If you have any examples of best or worst practice, fill in the ‘contribute’ form, attaching your text, photos and videos.

The first part of the handbook, a comprehensive theoretical guide to campaigning strategies and techniques, is divided into three sections: Campaign PreparationRunning the Campaign and After the Campaign. This theory is complemented by a second part, which includes examples of Best Practice from various political campaigns at all levels – local, regional, national and European. These case studies offer concrete tales, suggestions, tips and advice that can inform and steer your future work as campaigners and volunteers.

Setting up a campaign handbook was part of the original working programme of the Green European Foundation. The online platform aims to make available to everyone the experiences acquired during the training events organised by the Green European Foundation over the past years. Participation in politics is not only about knowing content, it is also about learning the necessary practical skills to be heard. This was the starting point for the idea behind the campaign handbook, which then took shape during regular discussions with activists and Green campaigners. The result is this online project: a practical campaigning manual and a platform for the exchange of knowledge and experiences.

Legal notice:

Owner of this Website: Green European Foundation.

This website was developed by the Green European Foundation with the support of  GreenCampus and is the result of continuous cooperation of Green campaigners at the European level.

The project was developed by Albert Eckert (head), Sibylle Marx and Michael Breslin in Berlin, and Marina Barbalata in Brussels.

We want to thank all authors for their contributions and support. The views expressed on the website are those of the authors alone. They do not necessarily reflect those of the Green European Foundation.

Exclusion of responsibility for third-party websites:
GEF does not hold any responsibility for the content, materials, data or accuracy of third parties’ websites that can be reached via hypertext links from this website.

You can contact the Campaign Handbook team either via the ‘contribute’ form or at the following e-mail address:

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