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The new Steering Committee has been elected to steer the Global Young Greens through the next two years. As foreseen by the statute the SC consists of 16 members – 4 representatives from each of the four regions (Africa, the Americas, Asia Pacific and Europe). Apart from the regional balance the SC has to consist of at least as many women as men.

(The new Steering Committee’s members come from Marocco, Kenya, Senegal, Venezuela, Colombia, Canada, Brazil, Australia, Indonesia, Georgia, Austria, Germany and Belgium)


1. Rose Wachuka Kenya
2. Nassima Guettal Algeria
3. Forget Chinomona Zimbabwe
4. Michel Perlo Senegal


1. Julia Duppre Brazil
2. Bernardo Estacio Venezuela
3. Tanya Gutmanis Canada
4. Jaime Correro Colombia


1. Robyn Lewis Australia
2. Yangki Imade Suara Indonesia
3. Alex Surace Australia
4. Amy Tyler Australia


1. Michaela Prassl Austria
2. Teo Abaishvili Georgia
3. Sarah Benke Germany
4. Bart Dhondt Belgium

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