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This is a Membership Call specifically directed to the young greens joining us in Dakar in the next weeks.



In case you aren’t aware, the GYG Congress is the highest decision making body of the organisation governed by the GYG statutes.

At the GYG Congress there will be an opportunity to pass proposals, action plans and elect a new Steering Committee. However, to be able to participate in decision making during the General Assembly you must be a member of GYG.

Attached are Member Application forms for both Organizations and Individuals.

Please send us your completed forms before 26th of March 2012 to

So far we have received application forms from the following individuals and organisations. It is not necessary to re-submit your application form if we have already received it.


  • Cosmas – Nigeria
  • Gorge – Venezuela
  • Sarwat – Pakistan
  • Phillip – Central African Republic
  • Alberto – Venezuela
  • Tim – Germany
  • Sujan – Nepal
  • Janna – Germany
  • Kashif – Pakistani
  • Rose – Kenya
  • Stella – Moldova


  • Nkiruka – Nigeria (Fresh & Young Brains Development Initiative)
  • Thomas – Uganda (Uganda Green Movement)
  • Rio – Philippines (KALIKAS)
  • Sanka – Sri Lanka (FCYG)
  • Ann – Kenya (KYG)

For more information please contact Kalpana from the Steering Committee :

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