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Workshop Sessions

The deadline to apply is March 15
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At our GYG Congress we will have much space for you sharing your knowledge, ideas and creativity. That is why we highly encourage you to organize a workshop. All in all, there will be three workshop sessions, each of them of about 90 minutes:

1. Workshop Session I – “It’s up to you! – Educate yourself”

During this session, you have the chance to implement your workshop on a topic that suits the frame of our main Congress topics which are:

  • Cooperatives for Poverty Eradication
  • Education and Health for all
  • Youth Grassroots Training
  • Women Empowerment in Africa

Beyond these topics, other workshops are welcome!

2. Workshop Session II – “Get up, Stand up! – Creative Politics”

This session offers space for all creative people among you! You could organize a workshop on

  • Drumming and Dancing
  • Improvisational Theatre
  • Guerilla Campaigning at the GYG/GG Congress
  • Street Art

and more. There is no limit to your creativity!

3. Workshop Session III – “Spin your global Network! – You’re GYG”

The last session will focus on the future work of GYG. You could organize a workshop on

  • Creating a web-based GYG community
  • Fundraising
  • Visions for GYG
  • Global Working Groups

and other topics. We want you to spin our global network, because YOU are GYG.

Since the Congress depends on the motivation and dedication of its participants, it is up to you whether these sessions will