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GYG – Global Young Greens – is looking for young green volunteers willing and motivated to work on gender issues. The aim of the GYG Gender Working Group is to work on gender issues, analyze problems, find solutions, strive to mainstream gender and propose strategies to ensure equality and to empower women.

The main focus of the working group would be different forms of violence against women, Climate Change and its effects on women in various dimensions, Peace and women, the place of women in conflicts and the participation of women in political empowerment.

This year, we are planning, a workshop on Sexual and Reproductive Rights in Dakar. The workshop will include;

· Introduction to Sexual and reproductive rights,
· Sexual violence,
· Raising your Voice through Social media,
· Study Visit to a women´s shelter.

Members of the working group are also free and invited to take initiative on the issues they would like to achieve as part of their activity in this group.

To join the working group on Gender or obtain more information, please send an email to

Please include a motivation letter explaining your motivation to join the WG accompanied by an official recommendation letter from the National board/Executive council/secretariat of your organization.

Please make sure that you include the following information:
– Email address
– Home address
– Phone number
– Date and place of birth
– Introductory Information
– Short paragraph explaining your motivation to join the group
– How would you like to contribute

What does the GYG Gender Working Group encompass?

The Gender working group works as a think tank and proposes activities related to special days associated with women as well as comes up with lobbying and advocacy strategies to solve current issues related to gender equality and affecting women.

Members of the WG will be given a mailing list. The members also communicate via wiki and Skype and arranged meetings and activities.

We are looking forward to work with you!

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