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Have you thought of the way how you are going to Dakar?

Global Young Greens are organizing a BOAT! Our captain Bob is looking for his crew now. Are you interested to volunteer ?

The organizer of the boat Bob is in contact with one sustainable travel agency (Travel Magazine Award for “most sustainable tour operator 2010”) that has a permanent base in Dakar (a travelbar for backpackers).

When? about 20-22th of March

Where? the trip will start from Cadiz then to Canaries, and  then it will take about 3 days to go to Senegal.

Who? the size of the boat will depend on the number of participants. We plan to have at least 20 participants for the boat. With this size it will cost around 300 euro per participants for the return trip! If you want to join the boat for only one way it is possible!

How is it? You must be fully aware that because of weather and current conditions the trip will probably not be a cruise. However, all will be done to make it as safe as possible!

It is only our draft plan, and Bob is working on it! If you have any ideas or suggestions (especially for fundraising!), please write us an email with the subject “BOAT” to or directly to

At the moment, we need people with video recording and other communication skills to make promo-videos and other BOAT promotion and of course ideas for fundraising!:)

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