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attached a spanish report from the COP 16 meeting.


The positive of the COP was that the Mexican diplomacy regained confidence in the negotiation process and created a way to work the document  in a balanced way to include  the wishes and interests for most of the  countries towards  the COP17.
• The bad thing is that we do not have a  legally binding agreement, so it have not obligations for the countries. Besides that there are many not  emission reduction commitments by all developed countries, in the agreement are missing  environmental safeguards, including a gender and  mechanisms for monitoring and evaluation, among other things.
• The challenge is the work that every country have to do to  assimilate the results of Cancun, to guide them toward the achievement of the mitigation and adaptation goals  at the international level, to promote a legally binding agreement in the next COP in Durban, South Africa, 2011.
• Cancun “is a success?, Yes, from the perspective of the negotiation process, but not for the attention of the climate problem.
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