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Dear everyone,

FYEG (Federation of Young European Greens), GYG (Global Young Greens) and the Kenya Young Greens are planning to organise a seminar in cooperation with the Heinrich Böll Foundation Kenya on the topic of Sexual and Reproductive Rights in Nairobi, Kenya in November 2011 (preliminary date).

The main aims of the seminar are to:

  • introduce the participants to the basic concepts and problems of sexual and reproductive rights
  • enhance the networking between the different partner organisations on gender issues and in general (with special focus on partners from Africa and Europe)
  • raise awareness in the local community around the issue

You can find further information about how far our plans have already come in the project description attached to this mail.

This is the call for the prepatory team for the seminar.


The international preparatory team will consist of eight people (including four representatives of the partner organisations GYG, FYEG and the Kenya Young Greens) in total. The membership of the preparatory team is based on a geographical and gender balance as well as between people with solid experience in the field and without. This team will then be in charge of the implementation of the event: the securing of the funding, the quest for partners, the selection of participants, programme development and realisation, reporting etc. The prep team will also be in intensive contact with the local prepteam (Kenya Young Greens) for technical and other questions.

The prepteam will have two meetings – one in April (to be confirmed) and one at the time and venue of the seminar itself. In between the meeting the members of the preparatory team will communicate through the special mailing list and skype conferences.

The prep team will be prepare a reader, an agenda, information sheet and all other necessary documents and forms. The prep team is also in charge of reporting to possible donors after the seminar.


If you are a member of a FYEG or GYG member organisation and interested in applying for the prep team, please send the attached application form to by 15th February 2011 11 PM CET.

Best regards,
Mareike (GYG SC), Ann (Kenya Young Greens and GYG SC), Rose (Kenya Young Greens) and Terry (FYEG EC)

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