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Dear Global Young Green Activists!

You think Global Young Greens (GYG) is a great thing? You would like to meet people from all around the world? You are keen to discuss green issues until the sun is rising again? Then this is the event you have to attend:

From the 8th to 14th of August 2010 the 2nd Global Young Greens Congress will take place!

Where? In Berlin, Germany. It will be held at the Heinrich-Böll-Foundation (the German Green Foundation) which offers its location to us. This is in the center of Berlin! We will sleep close by in either a gym or (if you pay for it) in a hostel.

What’s it about? During the Congress there will be space for

  • restructuring GYG
  • electing a new Steering Committee
  • trainings
  • workshops
  • open space for discussions and getting to know each other
  • finding common positions and vote on them
  • parties
  • a city tour
  • a lot more

How to get there? That is your own choice – but of course you should chose the greenest way possible! In general, you will have to pay for your own ticket. There are lots of possibilities how you can fundraise for yourself. More details can be found soon on our website: If you live in a country, that is not called “industrialized” you may apply to a central fund, which is extremely limited, from January 15th onwards. The application includes a motivation letter outlining why and how you can contribute to the Congress. More details about the application process will be sent out in an email in December and you’ll find them soon on our website.

How to get involved? Go for it! The Congress is organized by an international and a local preperation team. We still need loads of helping hands – so get started and join one of our working groups:

  • The Fundraising Group raises funds to help you out paying for your flights.
  • The Content Group plans the programme for the Congress: At what time should be what? Which workshops will be offered, which trainings can be useful and who can be the facilitator of the workshop or training?
  • The Web & Mobilization Group updates the website and makes contact within organisations that may want to be involved with GYG.
  • The Structure Group is working on a few proposals for the new structure of GYG, which will be voted on at the congress. To be part of this group it is useful to have some experience in the current structure of GYG or other similar organisations.

We would love you to be involved in helping us organise the Congress as there is a lot of work to do! There are many ways to help, so if you do not want to be part of a working group, you may be interested in running a workshop at the Congress, or you have other brilliant ideas.

Global green greetings, your global and local prep team!
Franza Drechsel German Young Greens Coordinator of the GYG Congress 2010

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