The Membership Guide

Annex to the Organisational Principles as adopted at the GYG Congress in Berlin on August 13, 2010

1.1. The Steering Committee (SC) will appoint a permanent sub-group of it’s membership (at least three people) to consider membership applications and membership reviews.

1.2. The Membership Panel will take into account the issues of gender equity and regional balance in appointing this panel.

1.3. The Membership Panel must proceed by consensus. Where the Membership Panel cannot reach consensus, the alternative recommendations and reasons will be referred to the full Steering Committee for decision.

1.4. The Membership Panel will submit its recommendations to the full Steering Committee and the final ratification will occur as the first order of business at the next full GYG Congress.

2. Applications for Membership

2.1. There will be two classes of membership of the GYG: Member Organisation membership and Individual member membership.

2.2. Any youth organisation or political youth wing may apply for membership by submitting the following information:

(a) Constitution, rules of association or equivalent, including the ratification date.

(b) A description of the organisation`s membership and activities including how the organisation includes youth in it’s democratic structures and decision making processes.

(c) The most recent financial statement, preferably audited.

(d) Other supporting information, such as groups or individuals who could be consulted about the organisation and its activities.

(e) Contact details, including where possible email, web page, phone, postal address.

(f) To qualify for membership, all documents (or a summary thereof where appropriate) must be provided in English.

2.3. The Membership Panel will assess the information provided by each applicant and make their recommendation to the SC who will; either accept a membership, request further information from the organisation or reject a membership. Member organisations that are accepted by the SC will be deemed to be full members until the full ratification process takes place at the next full GYG Congress.

2.4. Organisations which do not fully meet the criteria, must be given a formal reason for their rejection and steps they may take before re-applying.

2.5. Where possible, a decision will be made within three months of receiving the full application.

3. Membership Review

3.1. Between Congresses, the Membership Panel will set up a review process to ascertain if the status of existing members has changed. Each affiliated Member organisation and Individual member will be required to participate.

3.2. Each organisation will be asked to submit information demonstrating the current state of the organisation. Individual members will be contacted between Congresses to ensure they still fulfil the Individual membership requirements explained in the GYG Organisational Principles.

3.3. Organisations which do not respond to such a request within three months, will be considered to have disaffiliated from the GYG unless an extension is granted

3.4. The Membership Panel will consider the current status of each affiliated organisation and; recommend that their status remain unchanged, or that they should be temporarily deemed to be not members until the next GYG Congress, where that decision will be accepted or rejected by the Congress.

3.5. The recommendations of the Membership Panel will be considered by the S.C in the same manner as for new membership applications.

3.6. The SC may also initiate a review of a Member Organisations status at any time if there is evidence that their situation has significantly changed, or that the group has acted contrary to its obligations to the GYG. The membership panel will consider this evidence, and make recommendations to the SC that:

  • membership of the organisation remain the same, or
  • the organisation be suspended from the GYG until it has taken appropriate remedial action, or
  • the organisation be disaffiliated from the GYG

The decision by the SC will be implemented until the next GYG Congress. The full Congress will make the final decision on whether to uphold the decisions on Membership.

4. Criteria that Membership Applications must satisfy:

Submit all documents (a) to (f) as in Rule 2.2

Satisfy the SC (with advice from the Membership Panel) that the documents are true and accurate.

Satisfy the SC (with advice from the Membership Panel) that the organisation:

(a) Abides by the GYG Organisational Principles, statement of principles and Global Greens Charter

(b) Welcomes and involves all genders as active and equal participants

(c) Is open to all ethnic, religious and other minorities

(d) Operates in a democratic and open manner with clear Rules and Procedures

(e) s financially honest, open and accountable and their financial statement provides evidence to this effect

(f) Will abide by the rules of the GYG

(e) Will not bring the GYG into disrepute.


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