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2nd Call for travel fund support

Dear Participants of the 2nd Global Young Greens Congress, Berlin,

as announced during the congress, we are happy to send out a call for a 2nd round of travel fund support due to the fact that not all the money promised for travel assistance was used until now. Those of you, who participated in the GYG-congress and have not been funded in the first call, can apply this time.

1) Who can apply for the reimbursement?

  1. You participated all the time in the GYG-congress

  2. You have not already been funded in the first call

  3. You still have all your boarding passes, e-tickets and documents

  4. You have a bank account on which the money can be transferred (or you can use one of someone you know)

  5. You have time to fill in the following form until August 30th 2010 and send it via email to

Please note: Unfortunately we can not reimburse ANYTHING without a receipt and a bank account, the money can be transferred to! We are sorry for that!

2) Procedure:

  1. People send their applications (see page 2) until August 30th 2010

  2. The steering committee will (together with the funding team) prioritize the people until September 4th 2010

  3. Those who will be reimbursed will get the relevant information and the next steps they have to take. Those who will not be reimbursed will be informed about this as well.

  4. There will be a deadline to hand in the forms and tickets in mid-September (date of postmark). If not all the participants succeeded in handing in the documents in time, those applicants who are next on the priority list will get the chance to be reimbursed.

3) We will decide upon financial support according to the following principles:

1. Gender balance

2. Regional balance. We want to have a balanced representation of all continents

3. Multiplier effect. We want this event to have as big an impact as possible.

4. Involvement to date in the process of Global Young Greens

5. Motivation and fundraising effort. Motivated participants and participants who made a real effort to fundraise for themselves will get priority

6. Age. We will only support participants between 18 and 35 years.

4) Please fill in the information and send it back until August 30th 2010

1. Travel costs

(in local currency and Euro, currency converters available online at

in local currency

in Euro

Travel costs:

Visa costs:

Other costs:

Registration fee:

Total costs:

2. Financial support

in local currency

in Euro

Financial support already secured from other sources:

Personal Contribution:

Amount of support requested from GYG fund:

3. Motivation

Please answer these questions on a separate page, answering each question in at least 250 words (750 words altogether).

4.1 What was your motivation for attending the Global Young Greens conference?

4.2 What are your understandings of the four Green principles?

4.3 What future can you envision for the development of a global youth organization such as GYG? What do you think the possibilities are?

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