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Ms Barbara Namubiru , Youth Cordinator & Candidate as a Youth Member of the Parliament for the Central region in the 9th Parliament ( 2011-2016) and flag bearer for Ecological Party of Uganda (EPU) In the February 2011 Parliamentary Elections.

The Ecological Party of Uganda(EPU) is a Green party recently registered in Uganda with support from the green Forum of Sweden.

It will be registered on the 13th August 2010 by the Electoral Commission of Uganda and has had its delegates congress in April this year, where an Executive was elected under the Presidency of Charles Lwanga Bbaale, who is also a member of Miljö Partiet de Gröna(MP) in Täby kommun, Stockholm Lan in Sweden.

The connections to the Swedish Green Party are and have been an integral part to strengthen the Ecological party of Uganda (EPU) ahead of the forthcoming Presidential and Parliamentary Elections in which the party is mobilizing resources to support its candidates for the local council and national elections. Thanks to the support of the youth activists who spread the green ideology in the country even traditional parties now want to affiliate themselves with the Greens globally.

The major issues in Uganda are poverty, environmental degradation, human rights, food security, health and education, which must all be addressed in combination in relation to the election campaign strategy. Thus the Green Party in Uganda developed the “05 Fruit Trees per homestead project”.

In this project, the party intends to give five high yielding fruit trees with short maturity periods to a homestead that involves 100 homes, having 100 homesteads in all Uganda. Among the trees were supposed to be pawpaw, avocado, sweet orange, mango and jackfruit trees to be given to beneficiaries in urban and rural areas having access to courtyards with a certain minimum size.

The pilote – project’s target has unfortunately not yet been met completely as we have so far only managed to get support for 50 homes out of which 40 sets were funded by the Parliament of the Green Party of Sweden.

The project aims at achieving poverty reductions amongst Green members and the beneficiary homesteads, improve their health by encouraging the eating of fruits for vitamins and a body immunity boost, to empower poor people to be able to pay for their children’s education from the proceeds, to do something beneficiary for the environment and to beautify homes sustainably in a single solution package, meanwhile instilling the green ideas and aims at the same time.

This will put a Green party landmark in homesteads countrywide and hence win over membership to the party sustainably, as well as promoting Eco-tourism in Uganda.

The Ecological Party of Uganda would like to ask for and encourage any kind of support for this project and is looking for individuals, families, Greens, institutions or companies that would be able to purchase fruit trees for poor families.

Barbra’s part in this project is to oversee and mobilize the youth in and out of school to spare some time and to plant a set of fruit trees for the campaign. She is monitoring the implementation of this project in assistance of another woman at the office, working with the Ecological party of Uganda(EPU).

Barbra Namubiru,

Ecological Party of Uganda(EPU)

Namugera Building, Ndejje- Entebbe Rd

P.O. Box 25645 Kampala.

Tel: +256 392 852385


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