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The will be two spots for workshops at the Berlin Congress. One on Monday and one on Wednesday. Please see below for more details on the workshops. In case you want to contribute with your own workshop to the congress, please do so in the “Open Space” on Tuesday. This will be a time when everybody can hold workshops and people will “float around” and participate where they want and as long as they want.

First Workshop Phase

Monday, August 8, 2010

2.00 – 4.00 PM

Gender in a postmodern world

In the globalized world different concepts of gender meet, creating new understanding of gender. But within the postmodern world, gender remains a discriminative category, gender still matters. This workshop is concerned with exploring the development of gender in a postmodern world.

Climate Refugee Migration

Climate Change has various implications and it affects especially the poor. Sea-level rise as well as desertification as a result of Climate Change forces people to migrate. This Workshop deals with the phenomena of Climate Refugees and tries to explore ways of dealing with related issues like land-ownership problems

Forum Theater

Forum Theatre is a type of political theatre from the Theatre of the Oppressed (Augusto Boal). It empowers the audience by inviting them to join on stage where a social conflict is displayed. Therefore, everyone can experiment with his or her ability to solve conflicts non-violently, and try out different approaches and strategies to solve existing social problems. It is a fundamentally democratic kind of political theatre as the audience decides for itself which solutions it can accept and how conflicts should be solved non-violently.

With Laura Appeltshauser (German Young Greens, Forumtheater Rabenschwarz)

The War on Drugs and the blameworthiness of the Global North

The nations of the Global North lead a global war against drugs, thereby they hazard the consequences of massive “undesirable side-effects” like a considerable number of violations of human rights and national sovereignty. Despite of disastrous consequences of these policies, the worldwide production and consumption of drugs is increasing, in the Global North as well as in the drug production and transit countries. At the same time the drug trade finances corruption, international crime, insurgency and terrorists. Thus it is the responsibility of the Global North –  together with the drug cultivation and transit countries like Mexico, Afghanistan and Coca countries of South America – to develop a new human international drug policy. This must provide an economic perspective for the drug farmers, reasonable care and therapy for drug addicts and a legal way of drug acquisition for the drug users.

With Max Plenert (Green Expert on Drug-Policy)

UN Youth Delegates: Youth Participantion at the International Level

In October 2010 two German Youth Delegates, Clara Leiva Burger and Jens Christoph Parker, will accompany the German delegation to the United Nations General Assembly in New York. Since 1981 the United Nations recommend Member States to include Youth Delegates in their national delegations in order to ensure direct youth participation. Up to now numerous Member States make use of this possibility.

At the General Assembly Clara and Jens are advisers on matters of youth to the German delegation. Its their goal to give a voice to youth at the UN. Before that they travel through the whole of Germany to collect concerns, opinions, visions and demands of young people living in Germany, in order to be able to introduce them at the UN during the negotiations. During the workshop Clara and Jens are going to present the work of youth delegates, introduce briefly the work of the united nations and start a discussion about general possibilities for youth to participate active on the international level. What is possible? Where are the problems? What contacts can be helpful and who are the one’s standing in the way of youth participation? What needs to be changed?

With Clara Burger and Jens Parker (UN-Youth Delegates, Germany)

Facilitation by Mariana Perin (SC member from Brasil)

Restructuring GYG

The Structure of GYG needs to be revisited. Therefore a group of people prepared possibilities of new structures of GYG which should be legislated by the General Assembly. This workshop will introduce in the proposed changes and discuss them again.

With Georg Kössler (SC)

Activity Plan for A New Steering Committee

Every newly elected Steering Committee will have an Activity Plan to be accomplished within the active period of the Steering Committee. The proposed agenda for the new Steering Committee will be discussed in order to have some feedback for the new SC.

With Members of the outgoing SC

Climate Dilemma(s) – writing a GYG resolution

There are no winners after Copenhagen. The blame game, and the infected atmosphere between rich countries from the Northern Hemisphere that don’t move at all, encourage emerging countries like China & India to stagnate. Growing concern and mistrust in the poorest regions make many experts believe that the COP16 in Cancun will bring no legally binding treaty whatsoever. Has COP16 already failed before it has begun? Even in our own rows, Greens start to warn about being too enthusiastic about Cancun. Do we Greens have a conflict between what our heart wants and our head tells us to do?
Nevertheless many questions remain open, no matter what the outcome of COP16 will be:
– How big is the gap regarding mistrust between the North & the South?
– How can we rebuild the trust between North & South that was lost in the last negotiation rounds and regain confidence between the partners?
– What is the role of the E.U in this process?

With Philippe Schockweiler (Austrian Young Greens)

Second Workshop Phase

Wednesday, August 10, 2010

11.00 AM – 1.00 PM

Queer Theories

What the * is queer? What does it mean? Where does it come from? What’s queer theory about? How to do queer politics? How does one become queer? The workshop tries to answer these questions and the ones you might have. The workshop will introduce into queer politics and queer theory from a european academic-activist point of view.Afterwards there will be time to share our experiences and understandigs on queer subjects.

With Inga Nürtgen (Berlin)

What does Development mean?

The workshop “What does development mean?” views the powerful notion of “development” by discussing its different meanings, be it – among others – economic growth, sustainable development or the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) by the United Nations . After a short presentation of different approaches of “development” by the speaker, the workshop allows to have an exchange of different perceptions by the participants of the workshop: what does “development” mean for the particpants, particularly in their regional context. Finally, we will discuss what “development” means for the Global Young Greens and how we want to use “development” in our political movement.

With Michael Kömm (German Greens Development Expert Group)

Global Energy Markets

The Workshop will explore possibilities of global grids, it will take a look on the advantages and disadvantages also looking at current transcontinental projects like desertec

With Heinrich Böll Foundation Specialists

Global Young Greens and Post COP15: Key Lessons and Recommendations

This Workshop will discuss a petition to be voted on during the General Assembly. Proposed Topics: How to go on after COP 15?

With Nkiru & Raju Pandit (GYG-SC, Climate Action Network Specialist)

Global Trade

This workshop will look at the changing dynamics of world trade and how this impacts the institutions governing international trade, especially the world trade organisation.Trade in agricultural products will be described in greater detail and be used as an example to show the shift in the power balance and the role of civil society organisations and grassroots movements to develop alternatives to the current system.

With Tobias Reichert (Germanwatch)

Green Seniors – Another Aging is possible a green idea for a white paper.

Happy Ageing – Another Ageing is possible” is a multi-annual project. It looks for Happy Ageing Indicators, which show us wheter the countries are in a right track or on a wrong path in relation to their adopted policies targeting elderly people in Europe. Because Ageing is a “Work in progress” from youth to age. We will work with young people together for a good and succesfull life in their and our age.

With European Green Seniors

Facilitation by Lukas Beiglböck (Austrian Young Greens)

Strategic Online Campaigning: Mobilize supporters using the Web 2.0

Online communications and the web 2.0 provide an entirely new range of opportunities to mobilize supporters across the world and to get them involved in the political process. This workshop will focus on developing strategic online campaigns aimed to mobilize supporters via online communication tactics. The workshop includes:

  • Strategic Messaging: Developing a strong Theory Of Change (TOC)
  • Campaigning Tactics: Choosing the right tools for the right campaign
  • Strategic-Planning: Drafting your Online-Campaign-Plan and how to execute it

With Julius van der Laar (, former member of the online election campaign of Obama)

Funding Training

The participants will be introduced to skills and strategies on acquiring money for campaigning.

With: Heinrich Böll Foundation

GYG and the Global Greens: An organic, interconnected relationship. Growing together and maintaining our autonomy – the way forward.

The formation of the Global Young Greens in Nairobi in 2007 was significantly assisted by the Global Greens, yet GYG was not created as solely a political youth wing of the Global Greens. GYG was born from a grass roots desire for a greater voice for green youth and as a way to better exchange information, ideas and activism between all young green activists. GYG Berlin 2010 will see a proposal for changes to the GYG statutes that will better define the relationship between the Global Greens and GYG. Within this workshop we will further discuss the history of GYG and the Global Greens and how the proposed changes to the statutes will define our future relationship.

With Tom Millen (member of the organising committee of the inaugural 2007 GYG Congress in Nairobi and has been a member of the Australian Greens since 2002.)
Workshop at the hbf
Workshop at the hb

Open Space

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

4.00 – 6.00 PM

Evolutionary Thinking Creatives – Designing the 21st Century

A workshop exploring the design considerations of the 21st Century, while encourageing more innovative ideas to emerge in terms of visionary solutions to the challenges we face.  The workshop aims to present a structural framework of whats needed & whats possible through a visual & conceptual design process, where participants become actively involved in being 21st Century Political Designers.

With Niamh Beirne (Irish Young Green Activist)

More Participant’s Workshops / Inputs / Seminars

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